Version Zero

I recently re-discovered a note that I wrote to myself in Oct 2014. It reads:

I welcome change, and I am constantly controlling what I change.
What version are we even at now? I think we're always v0.

In the years that followed, I have looked at this note and wondered what I might've meant and whether I should've bothered adding more to it.

Not as much lately.

Maybe what I was getting at was with the changes I'm making and the innate defaults that I'm reconfiguring, perhaps I'm not so much an incremental version of myself, but I'm rather a fork.

Or maybe, I wasn't talking about myself at all. But, rather about capitalism and commerce. I spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about these as well.

Perhaps, what I meant was that each time we change strategies or pivot, so to speak, we're creating a fork. It may seem incremental, but companies like people have innate defaults too. We're also, in the end, just a collection of like-minded people. I wonder if every change in strategy is just a fork too.

Not all forks are good. I recently found myself on a fork that I didn't quite like. It wasn't easy to spot it, nor will it be easy to go back to a previous v0.

I think we're just at a new-old version zero.


1. The fact is, I haven't really kept a log of the changes I have made to myself over the years. The closest I can come to are these notes. Perhaps much like in programming, the drive to document and comment is lower if one feels nobody else is gonna read it.

Code gets read more often than we expect it to be, more time will be spent reading it than was spent writing it. My code has evolved since this revelation, my notes too shall.

2. I'm really tempted to name this note "Fork You!". It tickles my fancy. What do you think?